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Since a very early age Leanne Franklin has loved, rescued and saved the lives of many species but her primary passion undoubtedly horses.


She has worked in the equine industry most of her life and after many years of observing the various problems horse owners are confronted with, Leanne has been committed to finding solutions.


Leanne studied and trained intensively both in the USA & NZ in the area of Anatomy and Kinematics in horses. She is currently rehabilitating horses through dedicated movement designed to recreate lightness & balance. She believes diet and nutrition is paramount in the work she does. Leanne takes a holistic approach to everything and looks to the cause rather than merely focusing on the symptom.


Leanne embarked on a journey of discovering unique formulations that have worked on horses, using the best quality ingredients available. Equine Royale was developed and dedicated to manufacturing quality nutritional supplements. Together with this, offering back-up support and advice to horse owners.


Equine Royale formulate and manufacture a range of supplements along with topical applications that are designed to help with health and well-being for your horse to perform to their full potential.


We are specialist manufacturers of equine supplements. Our supplements are manufactured to a very high specification standard and without compromise using premium and predominantly human grade ingredients. As a horse owner and trainer, Leanne understands the importance of providing the highest quality products. She is able to achieve the pricing structure by selling directly to the customer.


Equine Royale would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their much valued support. Word of mouth recommendations are the mainstay of our growing business.


Lastly, YOU and YOUR horses are the reason Equine Royale is constantly inspired to develop further products.

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