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Ultimate Assistance for the Grass Affected Horse Encouraging a Calm Focused Mind, Helping Maintain a Balanced Body pH.

Eco-Protect™ has been formulated for grass and grain fed horses. It helps protect horses against magnesium and thiamine deficiency. Eco-Protect™ helps horses to maintain a healthy pH level which is essential for healthy muscle. It can also lessen the risk of laminitis during periods of grass growth. Eco-Protect™ is even more effective when fed in conjunction with Eco-Balancer™ or Black Magic Broad™


Why feed Magnesium to Horses

Magnesium plays an important part in nerve and muscle function. Horses who are deficient in magnesium may show signs of nervousness, excitability, spookiness and have tight sore backs which are not related to saddle fit. They may also develop muscle tremors and skin hypersensitivity. A magnesium deficient horse will build up lactic acid faster during exercise, which can cause rapid fatigue, poor tolerance to work, poor recovery and will be prone to tying up. When horses get excited, their bodies utilise magnesium to calm down and relax. The lower the magnesium level, the lower the threshold for stress.

Working horses require more magnesium for light to moderate exercise, respectively, due to sweat losses. Horses who sweat heavily will lose magnesium at a more rapid rate. Magnesium is assimilated quickly in times of stress, such as travelling or heavy training. Horses lose magnesium through sweat and urine. Only approximately 1% of magnesium is stored in the blood, the rest is stored in soft tissue and bone and the body is very efficient at maintaining that level in the blood stream to facilitate organ function. This is why blood level magnesium tests are rarely indicative of an animal’s true magnesium status. A horse may be severely deficient and very ill by the time a blood test would indicate a shortfall.

This knowledge gives magnesium its reputation for having a calming influence. They build up lactic acid more quickly which is why magnesium deficient horses sometimes have behavioural problems. They fatigue more quickly after work and don't recover as well. 


Nil withholding for FEI and NZEF events. Withholding period for racing


Contains: Magnesium aspartate, thiamine, sodium ascorbate, sodium bicarbonate, zeolite, manuka honey and organic coconut oil.

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