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Please note most testimonials are based on horses taking Eco-Balancer between 1 week - 3 months, horses with issues take time to heal especially horses with digestive issues.

Our nutritional supplements that provide nutrients utilised by the horse to resolve gut ulcers and don't treat or cure. Grass related issues, in a lot of cases are caused by a magnesium deficiency.

Felicity Archer  1 February  ·

Thank you for the best product.

mend gel.

I use it on both my horse and myself.

Ive been using this stuff on myself as all the other creams i have for my skin haven't worked.

works fantastic smells amazing thank you.


Melanie Cropp  10 December 2020 

I can honestly say that I have come across no better products to nurture my horses with, than those from Equine Royale. It is the best.

On top of that, Leanne is an incredibly genuine and honest person, who has shown me such support, availability, and generosity in crisis situations, on more than one occasion. I deeply appreciate having her "on my team" as someone I can reach out to for support and to learn from.

I can't think of adequate words to put across how deep my faith is for these products and Leanne's level of service to her customers. I can no longer imagine using any other product.

Carol Parsons Tauranga Dec 2020

  I have had my horse for 17 years, and every year I have tried something new to try to get her to stop rubbing the hair and skin off her body. This year I tried Equine Royal Eco Protect. She has been on it for three weeks. The scabs have healed, and the hair is growing back in her usual coat colour. This has been so wonderful that I have started her two daughters and her grand daughter on Eco Protect as well, more as a prevention. The whole herd is calmer.


Tracy Smith - January 2015

I can't speak highly enough of Eco-Move Easy!!! I have had my boy on his for the past 6 weeks and OMG what a different boy! I have been struggling with his back issues for months. My OTTB found it hard to trot, refused to canter and fell over the smallest jumps. I tried everything to relieve his pain and was starting to think that he may have to be a pretty paddock ornament. It got to the point where he would walk away from me when I went to get him, even though he loves  attention. Within the first 10 days on this product he was trotting around happily. The following week he had his first canter in months and boy was he happy!! In the past few days I have been asking for more hind quarter engagement (let's just say he can MOVE) and he has found his passion for jumping. He thinks they are too small, but the thing that makes me cry is when I put him back in the paddock and he prances around showing off to his mates. Equine Royale you rock and I will never be able to thank you enough!!


Christine Rees - January 2015

Recently I tried my horse on Eco-Move Easy, she is a horse that takes a while to warm up, doesn't go forward, gets grumpy if pushed etc. I had tried other similar products with no success. Well, just had my sixth successive ride where she has moved much more freely forward to a contact without making a drama about bending or transitions like she used to. The only difference is your product! Going to try some other Equine Royale products and hoping they are just as good.





Clare Williams - Christchurch - June 14
First I have to thank youl for taking the time to read my huge email about my 20 year old TB. He is the most amazing horse, however he honestly believes he knows best and is often strong, towey and won’t concentrate or listen. If I give him a couple of weeks off,
it would take me a good week of just riding, (not schooling) to get him to behave properly. After talking with Rachel, I have changed everything I feed him and included Eco-Balancer and Eco-Protect. Today he is a completely different horse!! He’s just had 2 weeks off due to injury but he listened, was calm and so gentle! He was focused for the first time in a long time and I’ve only been feeding this for 5 days! I swear by it through and through and will recommend it to everybody. Thank you Rachel. You have added years to my boys enjoyment of being ridden and him teaching me so much.


Belinda Pratt - June 14
I have only been using the Equine Royale products for two weeks but I am sold! I purchased the Eco-Balancer and Eco-Protect mainly for one horse who I suspect has ulcers. Already in two weeks I have seen an improvement in his “attitude”. He is just a happier horse in general. He is a young TB who had his 3rd ever outing today and  was a pleasure to take out. Not fizzy, able to concentrate on the job at hand and even looking healthier overall. I will definitely be continuing using these products and will be recommending to friends as well.


Helena Bennett - New Plymouth - June 14
I have been using the Equine Royale products for quite sometime - My feed bill has halved! My Irish mare is on the Eco-Move Easy and no longer has puffy sore joints - shes a new lady.
My big hunter was “lacking” in top-line and seemed to hate being boxed - he is now HUGE and looking fabulous - no longer girthy or nervous and he loves being brushed. My TB lives off a tiny feed which is mostly to get his Eco-Balancer and Eco-Protect - he’s only been ridden periodically in the last 12 months and he was a real easy ride. I have recommended these products to a lot of people and they all agree they are fabulous!


Kellie Williams - South Island - End June 2014
I got the Eco-Balancer and Eco-Protect a month ago. Your service was absolutely fantastic. The first day I got them I smelled them and thought no way he’s going to eat that. He’s very bright and knows a very slight change in anything, but to my surprise he got stuck in and did not lift his head from the bucket once. Every feed he licks it clean which he has never done, I cannot believe the change in him. He looks fantastic, and is the happiest I have seen him in a long time. Although he was calm before using your product, I sure can see a difference. He is a horse that as soon as autumn comes and it starts cooling off his work ethic goes off. He hates the cold so much and finds it very hard to concentrate on his work. Since starting on your products he hasn’t even noticed the cold and listens 100% every ride. Plodding round on a long rein just has not happen in winter until now. He feels even more amazing than he did before, and is nice and free and always happy to work. A happy horse means a happy rider. Thanks for the great products.


Amber McGovern-Wilson Sept-2017

Just thought I'd send a quick message - started my level 5 horse on the eco balancer recently and I cannot believe the difference in her! She's a lot happier to handle and most importantly...she did one of the calmest tests she has ever done over the weekend. She's a hot, sensitive wee thing and I just could not believe the difference! Her condition has also improved out of sight, am so, so happy!!

Stephanie Loe - Ashburton - June 14

I have been using Eco-Protect and Eco-Balancer for just under a month now. The first a 17 year old TB mare who has raced in her younger days who has always been a slow eater, spent a lot of time gazing into the distance and nibbling on her food. Her body condition did not reflex the amount and quality of feed she was getting, (hard feed, unlimited grass and hay).  The second - a 10 year old TB mare who was having adverse effects from grass and no other supplement seemed to fully alleviate the symptoms. Taking her off grass was the last resort as it was an impractical option.After many questions from me which Rachel always answered clearly and promptly, I decided to give the two products a go. I am quite open minded when it comes to trying new things but I was still absolutely amazed at the difference within two weeksof my “nibbler, gaze into the distance horse” - now at feed time she is there waiting, looking for her feed and she’s eating more enthusiastically, (cleaning up her meals in one go rather than taking all day!) I now see her grazing more often and her condition is starting to pick up as well. The difference in my other mare is also positive, (although she has always been a cookie monster at feed times). She is now more focused, level headed, co-operative and less sensitive and irrational. I look forward to continuing to see improvements.

Kassie Stockholmes - Waikato - June 14

I have had my new horse for about 2 months now and when I brought him the lady said he was a spooky type at times but I knew by looking at the amount of grass he was on and lack of magnesium, minerals and hay etc he should be an easy fix. He became even worse when I moved him to the Waikato as we are on a dairy farm and he came from Keri Keri and was on kikuyu grass. He became very girthy and nappy when saddling even walking off when the girth touched him. He would blow his tummy out, the most extreme I've ever seen in a horse. He jumped out of his skin while riding at most random things and generally fairly nervy. Also I had a lot of problems with saddle fitting although he is pretty flat backed. I bought the product in May and after 3 weeks its made a huge difference. He's now a round looking Arab. Happy and relaxed to ride not girthy or walking off when saddling. No humping of his back when I first get on and the saddle fits better. In general just brighter in himself and much happier with loads of bucking and yahooing in the paddock.


Kristy King-Turner - Nelson - June 14

A friend told me about Eco-Balancer for my very good older horse who suffers from ulcers. He is a changed horse after about 3 months on it, and much happier. I have another pony who I have tried nearly everything under the sun to eliminate the lumps she breaks out in all over her body. Nothing has worked until I tried Eco-Protect. The lumps were gone within weeks. I ran out of the product, and sure enough the lumps returned, so I have ordered more Eco-Protect!I have also found the Eco-Protect helps calm the horses. Our 3 yr old pony won best mannered at his first show!!He has also been on another joint supplement for years, and I have just bought a bucket of Eco-Move Easy for him, since we have had such good results with the other range of products.To top it off the Equine Royale teams service is great. They are  happy to answer questions, and send parcels super fast. The website is clear and easy to use. Great products from a great company who I recommend to heaps of people.


Nicki Klevering - December 2013 - 3 week testimonial

THANK YOU for introducing me to your amazing Equine Royale products! Since receiving my prize of Eco-Protect and Eco-Balancer I have notice significant differences in two of my horses. The first horse is a 20 year old miniature, Lucky was on a “No grass diet” to avoid laminitis. Even the tiniest amount of grass made her foot sore. Since being on the Eco-Balancer I cautiously let her have small periods of time on the grass, she is now on grass 2 hours a day and the only stiffness in her movement is due to what I believe is Arthritis. So THANK YOU for helping my gorgeous wee girl Lucky. She is so happy to be finally able to graze again while still moving about happily. The first thing she does when she gets to the paddock is roll and it brings a smile to my face every time. The second horse is my dressage horse, Ted who is the thoroughbred that can be very hot. As we have moved to a new property with grass up to my knees, I was hesitant about giving him too much in case he became loopy. Being a TB however I always like to get him ‘that bit rounder’ and of course giving him grass would be a cheap way of achieving this. He is now on a substantial amount of grass and with Eco-Protect, I have a sane horse that is also looking fantastic and putting on weight. This has given me so much confidence leading into the Young Rider Champs in January and I love being able to feed my horses what they are designed to eat while still having a willing, obedient athlete. Lindy Waijenberg - Greenhithe Pony ClubI believe Eco-Protect and Eco-Balancer are “miracle” products and I would never go without them again!! About 2 months ago I won a free sample of Eco-Protect, I was glad to receive it and started feeding it to my new mare. I fed it till I ran out and then thought  I hadn’t seen a change in her, because i started her on the product as soon as I got her. Two days after running out  I saw a huge difference in my mare, I couldn’t catch her. It took about an 1 -1/2 hours to do so. I couldn’t put the bridle on and  spent 3 hours trying as she would throw her head and back up doing mini rears. This carried on for about 3 days and I couldn’t figure out why until I realized I had run out of Eco-Protect. After 2 days of feeding the supplements, Lizzie was a changed horse. She wasn’t difficult to catch and I had the bridle on within 5 minutes. Her attitude was also a lot more laid back and she seemed happier in general. After a full 4 days of being on the supplements my mare is back to normal,  easily caught and bridle not a problem! She is actually better than before. I can not recommend these products enough. It has changed my horse for the better and I am confident it will do the same for other peoples. I will definitely not go without these products again.

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