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If we don't understand the basics of health, is there a point in delving into nano-science? Today, through our educated way of thinking, we create and stumble over complex issues with our horses that are mostly, even simply, reversible. This is achieved by accomplishing balance in the body. By seeking the cause of the issue, we are moving towards re-creating balance. Often the cause goes back a lot further than the obvious and the initial cause noticed is a "roll on affect" of the problem.

Getting to the bottom of health issues can be difficult, however likened to "peeling the layers from an onion" the more we observe our horses with an open and patient mind, the more they will reveal. The more we trend towards intellectualising health problems the more complex they can become. If we educate ourselves to see the body as "whole" and the amazing systems within the body, health becomes much less complex. When these amazing systems are functioning at optimum levels, true healing, regeneration and good health takes place.

All health conditions are governed by consumption of chemistry. What our horses eat, drink, breathe and what we put on their skin, is all chemistry. Consumption of foreign chemistry is never harmonious to the body, therefore the body goes from building and strengthening, into a state of defence. Defence in the body is called inflammation.

Diet is the main key to the state of balance and gut health is the first place to begin.

Horses are herbivores, so there is nothing that can replace high quality forage when it comes to horses gut health and wellbeing. They also need living food. ie. grass, plant roots, bark, and even dirt when there is a lack of minerals or there is imbalance in the gut.

Good health begins with good gut health. When horses have an optimum digestive system and a strong functional lymphatic system, they rarely get health issues.

By suppressing symptoms, we conceal evidence of imbalance. This will always lead to either a return of the symptom, or another symptom will appear elsewhere. In nature "the strong survive and weak die off". This is true down to a cellular level, hence when one symptom is suppressed the next symptom will find the weakest link in the body.

It is often stated that there is no cure for many diseases, syndromes, and other health conditions. This may be true however I have found that by detoxification (removal of toxicity), is the only cure. Treatments by way of removal of damaging causes, detoxification and then regeneration of healthy functioning cells, is the only way proven to actually cure any illness disease or syndrome.

Today we are presented with many problems with our horses and this can be overwhelming.

Health issues are rising in both human and animals, currently being in a state of chronic genetic degeneration.

Perhaps it is now timely to get "Back To Basics"

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