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Grass Affected Horses...

The 4 basic principles of good health: Digestion-Absorption-Ultilsation-Elimination When these processes are functioning at optimum levels, good health naturally follows. The grass is currently blooming again nationwide and we are getting more than usual inquiries from concerned horse owners saying their horses are not coping with the current rapid grass growth. Sadly we are seeing colic, staggers, laminitis symptoms and also various skin disorders on a regular basis. A contributing factor is the steady increase of environmental toxicity we face today. We test Equine Royale products to a high standard of efficiency, as we feel it is important to "walk our talk!" Our horses have been grazed on an extravagant amount grass. We pushed the boundaries more than ever this year as we don't have problems with digestive issues and grass effected horses. We decided to put Equine Royale products to the test again. Our horses are healthy sensible and consistently calm. When there is a period of rain followed by sun we increase their doses of Eco-Protect and then reduce back to a maintenance dose after 2-4 days. They have remained on excess levels of grass this year with no negative issues at all. They are supplemented with Black Magic Broad, Eco-Protect and Eco-Bloom. Every 3 months we replace BM Broad with Eco-Balancer for 7-10 days to ensure their gut health is in optimum condition. Although we do not promote over supplementation and follow the principles of keeping feeding regimes as simple as possible. This protocol has been tried and tested for years with 100% success on our farm. Horses with severe issues can take a little more time for their systems to function optimally. For many years we have found when treated organically, beginning with the digestive system, as opposed to suppressing symptoms and allowing the body to do what it is designed to do, horses move steadily from a state of degeneration to regeneration, their problems reduce and good health increases dramatically. It is not always about lack of nutrition, it is predominantly accumulation of toxins with a lack of ability to eliminate efficiently.


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